Public Works

Robert Ansell- Director/Roadmaster
(717) 426-3167

The East Donegal Township Public Works Department is comprised of two divisions: Highway and Parks

Each division has a varied number of duties and responsibilities.
Regardless of weather conditions, every effort is made to accomplish our list of tasks. Our Department prides itself on the idea of preventive maintenance and is grateful for the support of your elected officials. Township staff along with the help of outside contracts undertakes many of the varied tasks. Residents’ cooperation is essential to the effectiveness of the Department. Some of our work is part of a master plan for the year dealing with capital improvements. The remainder of our activities is dictated by conditions within the Township, and the concerns generated by you, the residents.

Highway Division: Duties include patching potholes and erecting street and regulatory signs. They maintain storm sewers, remove fallen trees and limbs from the roads, clear snow from the road, spread salt, liquid deicers and abrasives for ice control, clean litter from the roadways, street sweep, clear rights-of-way and easements and maintain Township buildings, vehicles and equipment. The Highway Division is responsible for approximately 56 miles of Township roadways.

Parks Division: Maintains all Township-owned lands both active and passive. This includes mowing, aeration, fertilizing, tree and shrubbery maintenance and equipment maintenance. The Parks Division oversees the maintenance of 8 Township-owned parks.