Shredding Event Scheduled For September 17th

East Donegal Township is partnering with West Donegal Township and Mount Joy Township to host a shredding event on Saturday, September 17th from 8 am to 12:00 noon at the East Donegal Township municipal building located at 190 Rock Road, Marietta, PA.

This event will be free of charge to all residents living in East Donegal, Mount Joy, and West Donegal Townships. Residents are allowed to bring up to four boxes or bags of paper per property to be shredded.

We are asking those who participate in this event for donations of canned goods and boxed items (monetary donations also accepted). Glass, frozen food, fresh produce/meats or home-made food cannot be accepted.

Please be generous as these donations will be given to the local food banks in our communities.

Your help is deeply appreciated by those in need in our community!


Regional Emergency Services Authority Public Hearing Scheduled For August 31st

Emergency medical services in our region are in state of crisis. Local municipal leaders have recommended the formation of a new regional Emergency Services Authority which will be guided by input from local residents — like you!  The authority will ensure that EMS services continue to be available in Northwest Lancaster communities.

There will be a public hearing regarding the creation of the Regional Emergency Services Authority on August 31 at 7 p.m. at Chiques Church, Manheim, PA. The public hearing is being held on behalf of the Boroughs of Elizabethtown, Manheim, and Marietta, and the Townships of Clay, Conewago, Conoy, East Donegal, Elizabeth, Mount Joy, Penn, Rapho, and West Donegal.

Highlights of the proposed authority:

  • Purpose: As a collaboration among multiple municipalities, the authority will provide emergency medical services and EMS administrative support to member and contracted municipalities throughout its service area.
  • Board: Founding municipalities will each have representation on the authority’s board.
  • Community: The authority will advertise and hold public hearings on proposed services and rates. The community will continue to have a voice in the authority, even after the authority is formed.
  • Funding: The authority will charge a reasonable and uniform annual fee.

Learn more at

We encourage community members to attend. The hearing will be a great opportunity to learn more about the authority and offer comments.

Township residents are invited to a public meeting of regional elected officials this Wednesday evening, September 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Masonic Conference Center, Patton Campus located at 1244 Bainbridge Road, Elizabethtown. The meeting will be an opportunity for the public to hear the gathered officials discuss the proposed regional, multi-municipal administrative services authority to fund, administrate and provide emergency medical services for the area currently served by Northwest EMS. While the focus of this meeting will be a presentation to and discussions amongst the gather elected officials, there will be a period for public comment towards the end of the meeting.

A copy of the agenda for the meeting can be accessed here.

You can learn more about the current EMS funding crisis and why an administrative services authority is being proposed at this informational website.


Wednesday, August 24th Recycling Pickup Delayed 24 Hours

The Township has received notice from Republic Services that recycling collection regularly scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th (east side of Township) is on a 24 hour delay due to driver constraints.

Please keep materials curbside for pickup on Thursday, August 25th.  We apologize for the inconvenience.