Your Votes Helped Donegal Experiential Education Program (DEEP) of Donegal High School Win Grant

The Donegal Experimental Education Program (DEEP) has been successful in a grant award that nets $2,100 toward the purchase of all-terrain vehicle and cart for use in the Township’s Riverfront Park. In addition, DEEP received a bonus of $500 for using a GoPro camera to capture the Program’s activities. The monies were received through the “Pig Difference” grant program. See

The “PIG Difference” grant program was established by New Pig to help customers and friends restore, conserve and protect America’s most important habitats: streams, rivers, ponds, swamps and wetlands. Several times a year, New Pig identifies worthy new and ongoing projects in this field, and provides funding in the form of cash and in-kind donations of New Pig products.

The DEEP course is, and has always been, outdoor and environmentally-based. DEEP teaches high school students about the importance of protecting and conserving the environment ensures that the next and future generations have a true experience of these important concepts.DEEP1

DEEP sought funding for the purchase of an all-terrain vehicle through the “Pig Difference” grant program. The all-terrain vehicle will allow faculty and students to haul boxes, equipment and tools to the sites used to install, monitor and maintain Mallard and Wood duck boxes as well as small bird boxes at East Donegal Township’s Riverfront Park.