Yearly Archives 2021


Memorial Day Holiday Week Trash/Recycling Pickup

Reminder – Due to the Memorial Day holiday, trash/recycling collection will be delayed by one day.

  • Tuesday collection (May 30th) will be collected on Wednesday (May 31st)
  • Wednesday collection (May 31st) will be collected on Thursday (June 1st)

As always, please place your trash and recycling materials curbside the night prior to collection.


2023 Music In The Park Program Scheduled To Start Sunday, June 4th

The 2023 summer season of Music-In-The-Park events kicks-off on Sunday, June 4th with a performance by the band Bump City (formerly known as Pocketful O’ Soul). The summer music series is held in the gazebo within Fuhrman Park in Maytown. Please note that this season all programs will start at 6:00 PM.

In addition to music, many of the events will include food trucks providing for the opportunity to purchase food and drinks to enjoy during the evening. The June 4th evening will feature the food truck Stoney’s Burgers and Fries. They will be open for business at 5:00 PM. Please come out and enjoy an evening of good music and food.

The complete schedule for the 2023 season of the Township’s Music In The Park program can be found HERE.


Grass Clippings on Roadway

Hello Neighbors,

Warmer weather is finally here! With the changing season I’m sure many of you have already begun mowing your lawns. We wanted to remind you all to not blow or leave grass clippings on the roadway as it can pose a severe hazard.

Grass clippings on the roadway, whether wet or dry, can be especially hazardous to motorcycle riders or bicyclists. Their tires need to have good contact with the road surface, especially while negotiating curves. Wet grass clippings become slippery. Motorcycle riders could crash if they hit the brakes or attempt to turn. Dry clippings can potentially blow into a cyclist’s face causing a vision issue.

Additionally, leaving grass clippings on the road can harm local storm sewers and aquatic life.

The next time you are out mowing your lawn, please be mindful of motorcycle riders and cyclists. A small shift in your routine can save a life.