Meeting Rooms Available For Use By Community Members and Groups

The renovated Municipal Building provides a great opportunity for community members and groups to meet in one of the various public meeting areas.  If you’re Lobby Seatinglooking to meet with a friend or business associate in a public location, stop by the Municipal Building during regular office hours and utilize the causal seating in the building’s lobby.  The lobby seating also provides a great space, with large windows, to sit and work, or to just relax.

If it’s a smaConference Roomll group (10 or less), perhaps the conference room accessible from the lobby would meet your needs.  The Conference Room, with a meeting table, chairs and whiteboard, provides for some privacy by it’s location off the lobby and the ability to close the conference room door.Meeting Room

Finally, the Building’s Meeting Room can accommodate larger groups in various configurations.  Because the seating is flexible, the Meeting Room can be set-up for formal presentations or small groups, with or without tables.  The Meeting Room also features a sound system and video presentation system that can be used with appropriate training from Township staff.

Access to these meeting areas is through the main lobby at the front of the building.  The building configuration allows for the potential of all three areas at the same time with little interruption among the groups.  Users from all these areas have access to the public restrooms located in the building’s lobby. Internet access is available to all visitors to the Municipal Building through the use of the free guest wifi.

Be sure to stop by the Municipal Building to check out these meeting spaces.