Lancaster County West Nile Virus Program Conducting Tire Collection November 17th

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Tires represent a significant risk to the health and safety of Lancaster County residents. Mosquitoes, particularly those capable of spreading Zika in Pennsylvania, use discarded tires as breeding grounds. In response to the threat of Zika virus and as a platform for the education of residents of Lancaster County, the Lancaster County West Nile Virus Program is conducting a tire collection at the Lancaster Farm and Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, on Thursday, November 17th from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

tire-insertAny resident of the county may bring 4 regular automotive tires or 1 oversized tire; oversized tires being defined as any tire having an inner rim diameter greater than 15 inches. The tires will be taken at no charge as long as there is room in the trailer. The collection will be first-come, first-serve and there will be no pre-registration. No extra tires will be accepted, even if the resident can pay for them. This is a space-limited operation and our goal is to help a maximum number of residents.

This tire collection is not designed for the removal of agricultural tire piles, tire piles associated with the automotive industry, or tires collected by municipalities. While we wish we could dispose of all tires, the goal of this collection is to eliminate tires scattered throughout the county and to educate the public on issues concerning mosquito control and the appropriate disposal of tires.

Tire Collection Details:

  • Open to persons living in Lancaster County. Please bring proof of address – driver’s license, phone bill, etc. Out-of-county persons or tire related businesses will not be able to dispose of tires at this event.
  • There is NO preregistration for this event.
  • 4 regular/auto or 1 large tire can be taken for free from each individual, so long as space is available. Any tire with an inner rim diameter greater than 15 inches is considered large. Any tire with an inner rim diameter of 15 inches or less is considered regular/auto.
  • Tires must be off the rim, drained of water, unburned, and not excessively dirty.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT SPACE IS LIMITED. One trailer will be loaded to capacity with tires. Excess tires will not be accepted.