County Requests Information Regarding Damages from Tropical Depression Ida

The Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency is requesting that citizens whom experienced damage to their property as a result of Tropical Depression Ida utilize the online damage reporting form found on the LEMA website. This portal will provide situational awareness for the county only, and is not an application for financial assistance. The information submitted by the citizens of Lancaster County will assist authorities in determining eligibility for requesting Federal financial assistance from agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Small Business Administration.

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This is not an application for, nor a guarantee of, financial assistance from municipal, county, state or federal sources. This initial damage assessment is strictly for information gathering only.

Citizens of Lancaster County that have experienced damage due to Tropical Depression Ida can report those damages to the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency online at

Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency is also encouraging citizens to do the


  • Document all expenses related to Tropical Storm Ida, including keeping all receipts.
  • Photograph any damages to your property.
  • Contact your home and auto insurance agents regarding any damages you may have incurred.
  • Contact a damage mitigation company to assist in repairs to your property.

Again, the information provided is not an application for financial assistance.  There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that funding will be made available.