Trash/Recycling Rate Increase Proposed In 2024 Budget

The proposed 2024 Trash/Recycling Budget currently under consideration by the Township Board of Supervisors includes an increase in the annual rate for trash/recycling collection. The need to increase the rate charged to residents is a result of the increasing cost for collection and tipping fees for waste taken to Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority facilities.  These costs are significant factors in determining the fees imposed on residents for collection service. As a result of the increase costs incurred, the Board of Supervisors is proposing to increase the annual collection fee from the current $250.00 to $260.00.  The fee will continue to be billed semi-annually ($130.00 each billing). Residents are reminded that all refuse and recycling rules, regulations and special pick-up services remain the same. Should you have questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact the Township Office.