Please Keep Grass Clippings Off Roadways

Hello Neighbors,

Warmer weather is finally here! With the changing season many of you have already begun mowing your lawns. We wanted to remind you all to not blow or leave grass clippings on the roadway as it can pose a severe hazard.

Grass clippings on the roadway, whether wet or dry, can be especially hazardous to motorcycle riders or bicyclists. Their tires need to have good contact with the road surface, especially while negotiating curves. Wet grass clippings become slippery. Motorcycle riders could crash if they hit the brakes or attempt to turn. Dry clippings can potentially blow into a cyclist’s face causing a vision issue.

Additionally, leaving grass clippings on the road can harm local storm sewers and aquatic life.

The next time you are out mowing your lawn, please be mindful of motorcycle riders and cyclists. A small shift in your routine can save a life.