Township To Install a New Stop Sign Configuration at East High Street/Queen Street Intersection

At the May meeting of the Township Board of Supervisors, the Board adopted Ordinance 2024-1 that approves the installation of two new stop signs on East High Street, at Queen Street, making the intersection an All-Way Stop.

This new stop condition on East High Street will be marked by “Stop Ahead” signs with flashing amber lights, as well as flashing red lights on the new stop signs.  The amber lights will remain in place for 30 days and the red flashing lights will remain in place for 60 days, after which time the flashing lights will be removed.  In addition, painted stop bar pavement markings will be added to the East High Street approaches to the intersection.  A variable message sign will also be temporarily used to alert motorists of the new stop condition on East High Street.

Please take caution of this new configuration.  Thank you.